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What's a wiki? A wiki is simply a website that anyone can edit. It is an Internet-based service that makes it possible for users to work together to create and edit a collection of linked web pages. No special knowledge or software are needed. A wiki invites participation. For some that means dropping in from time to time to see what's new. For others it means using the discussion tabs to ask a question or make a comment. For yet others it's a place to share information and knowledge, to collaborate, and to learn.

What's the Successful English wiki?
Successful English is a wiki that I created as a place to explore and experiment with new ways of teaching, especially new ways of helping students who are acquiring English as a second or foreign language, whose goal is to successfully use the English language. It's a public-private space. It's mine, but it's open to anyone. It's a place to stop for a while to explore, to learn, or to work.

Inside the Successful English wiki

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  • 21st Century Literacy for Teachers & Students / Our world is changing rapidly and with it, our understanding of literacy and what it will take to help students succeed in the 21st century. Visit this page to explore new ways of thinking, working, and teaching.
  • Second Language Acquisition & Instruction / Ideas and thoughts: in recent years there's been a significant shift in our understanding of learning and teaching and a parallel shift in our understanding of language acquisition and instruction.
  • What's feeding your thinking and teaching? I've asked a few friends to help provide Food for Thought - articles and ideas to nurture professional growth. Tasty. Nourishing. The menu will change from time to time, so stop back!